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Free walks with Kigali Greeters

Come as a guest, leave as a friend!

Free walks with Kigali Greeters

Come as a guest leave as a friend



Kigali Greeters are your friends in Kigali who you haven’t met yet! Free walks with Kigali Greeters are an excellent way to explore our city. But be careful: Greeters are not tour guides but simply “friends in town”.
So… there are no maps, no book guides, open your eyes and just immerse yourself in our daily lives: …thanks to Kigali greeters you will feel like a real Kigalier for a few hours. Send us your request now.
Kigali Greeters is a non-profit project within the International Greeter Association

What Greeters are?

Greeters welcome guests and take them on individual Greets through the city – without charge.
We love our hometown and we like to give you an insight into our personal lives in Kigali. We accompany you through our town – entirely free of charge, as is customary among friends. You will experience very personal and individual walkabouts and you will hear about our workaday lives.
We do not offer you a complete sightseeing-tour to tourist-attractions, but we can tell you where you can get those.

Kigali Convention Centre
Kigali Sky Scrapers
Gorillas near Kigali

Discover Kigali


Kigali city has a population of more than 2 million people, this was according to the last population census carried out. It’s the capital city of Rwanda situated near the geographic center of the nation. The city has also been the transport hub, economic as well as the cultural hub of Rwanda since it was made a capital city of this country after independence. This city is filled with the provinces of Kigali which enlarged in January as part of the local government.  More so, this city’s area also covers about 70% of the municipal boundaries of the country.

The city was founded in 1907 by famous Dr. Richard Kandt during the German Colonial rule and was made a capital city in 1962 when the country got its independence. This traditional capital was the main seat of Mwami in Nyanza and the colonial seat was in Butare. Butare was to be chosen as the capital city of Rwanda, however Kigali was chosen because due to its central location. Since this time, the city has grown quickly and it’s now an economic, political as well as a cultural Centre of Rwanda. Even though the genocide affected the city in 1994, it has been able to recover to greater heights.

Kigali map